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Voice and acting programs for adults. No experience necessary. Beginner and advanced options.

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Empowered Voice Programs

Your voice is an amazing instrument with incredible potential for power, range, eloquence, and depth of connection to our human experience.

Join us in a dynamic acting workshop series to free your voice and discover your expressive potential through a series of step-by-step practical exercises that include conscious relaxation, breath awareness, releasing blocks to free your natural and unique voice, expanding expressive range and power, freeing creative impulse, recognizing boundaries and inner truth, and bringing language to life.

No prior experience necessary.

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Acting Foundations

Your imagination is a key that opens the door to new worlds, relationships, characters, and stories. Do you want to play? Do you want to perform? Do you want to discover a new part of yourself?

Learn foundational acting skills in a safe community environment. Embody character, learn scene study techniques, understand use of space, free your expressive range, develop your imagination, enliven language and recognize within it the catalyst for relationship and action.

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Already performing and want to refine your skills? Ready to take your learning to the next level? Do you want to start generating your own performance material?

Our advanced acting & voice programs will help you further develop and focus your skills towards your personal performance goals. Training technique focuses include scene and monologue study, character development, storytelling, and performance creation.

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What others say…

This was all new to me, and it was uplifting and joyful, to say the least. I left feeling more confident and more alive! I really enjoyed the variety the workshop had to offer; the practices of expression of our voices as well as the movement and meditation. It was neat to choose some sentences from a poem to practice with. I liked the feeling of being connected in the group, and practicing together. Dayna had plenty to teach and obviously really know your stuff. She was very knowledgeable, confident, thorough, helpful, compassionate, encouraging and delightful! I really can’t say enough good things!

Haidee Rae
Retired, Canada Post
“As a singer-songwriter, I haven’t had much experience in acting, other than performing at my shows. This class helped me become more aware of where a feeling or emotion resides in my body and how to embrace and encourage it along without fear of how it may look or be interpreted. It showed me how much more powerful it can be for an audience member when it is fully committed into my being. Dayna has a way of instilling comfort and confidence in yourself to feel safe. She creates space to explore and is open to ideas and seems to really love learning from her students as well! I would absolutely recommend this workshop. I was terrified of trying this class because of the vulnerability that it requires. Dayna has a way of facilitating the workshop in a welcoming and kind manner. I left feeling like I want to try more acting.”


Indie-Folk Singer & Songwriter
“I highly recommend working with Dayna to express yourself naturally and powerfully. She brings an extensive theatre background and warm, compassionate facilitation style.”

Joel Fox
Comedian, Performer
“What delight it was to come and be guided by Dayna. I really appreciated her approach in creating a safe space to delve into bodies, truly connecting and listening to its rythms. I felt invigorated and exhilarated to push my edges and to connect with and express emotions such as rage and deep connection.
I would highly recommend working with Dayna.”

“Still tingling from the charge of electricity experienced during the workshop ‘the Empowered Voice’ with Dayna Kneeland. On the micro-cosmic level, I am energized, inspired and elevated. Macro-cosmically, I am enlivened to co-exist and co-create with, and weld the magic and power of the universe. Dayna opens, holds and shares sacred space; allowing you to explore, create, conjure and become your most courageous, beautiful, intelligent and artistic Self-all internal lights illuminated-with the seamless of ease”

Kat radford
“Dayna provided a safe a welcoming space for me to stretch my literal and metaphorical voice. She guided me out of my comfort zone so subtly I didn’t even realise I had stepped out of it until it was over. I’m so glad I took time for myself to participate in her workshop – it helped me grow as a person.”


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