Authentic Approach to speaking and performing

What is an authentic approach to speaking and performing?

We have a deep need to be ourselves and connect genuinely with others. 

Only you can discover who you are and how you want to share your gifts.

What it is

Practical skills that can be transferred to all areas of your life

A holistic approach that honors the whole person

Experiential learning by doing and reflection upon doing

Transforming nerves through awareness and practice

Tangible techniques to access your full expressive capacity

Freeing your natural strengths, personality, style, and passion

What it's not

Trying to remember a long to do/not to do list

Following a script or choreography 

Minimalizing nerves with quick fixes

Memorizing endless lists of helpful tips

Acting or performing as someone/something we are not

Learning a one-size-fits-all speaking technique

Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It’s about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to let our true selves be seen.

Brene Brown

Theatre Based Techniques

Theatre-based Techniques

We often think of acting as putting on a performance and becoming something other than ourselves. But the heart of acting training is really all about understanding what it means to be human, what we feel, think, and need. Actors learn how to access human emotions and convey lived experiences. To do so they need to free the power of their vocal instrument, connect deeply to language, and use non-verbal communication to convey their message. They learn to improvise, adapt, engage, inspire, and bring stories to life. These skills are transferable across many areas of communication and are powerful tools to support authentic public speaking. Dayna has been using theatre-based learning techniques to build speaking and learning confidence and help people share to their messages for over 20 years.  As well as being an excellent tool to foster intellectual, social, interpersonal, and physical skill development, theatre-based techniques help us feel alive, empowered, and connected within community. 

Vocal instrument

Develop the skills to free your natural voice, expand your vocal power and range, and enliven your full expressive capacity.


Become a focused channel of expression in which you can relax into the present moment, feel at ease in your own skin, and let your own unique personality shine.

Audience Connection

Make and maintain an authentic connection by opening up to a two-way communication flow of listening and responding.


Tap into our human desire to connect through story and discover your own voice. Draw your listeners in with a personal, relatable connection.

Breath connection

Experience how your breath affects the quality of your voice and helps you ground, relax, pace, and connect deeply to language.


Bring language to life by transporting a specific idea from your mind to the mind of your listeners. Motivate, engage, and inspire your call to action by identifying the intentions that drive your message.

Physical Awareness

Develop increased awareness of yourself, others, surroundings. Understand and embody an aligned, relaxed, engaged body.


Have the ability to think quickly and act appropriately. Become flexible, adapt to change with ease and precision.

The person you are is a thousand times more interesting than the greatest actor you could ever hope to be. 

Konstantin Stanislovski

Public Speaking, Communication & Performance Training

Be yourself. Speak with ease. Share your gifts

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