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Helping professionals speak, lead, and present with confidence

Excel in all aspects of your role

Being able to speak, lead, and present with confidence isn’t just a skill; it’s the cornerstone to advancing your career and achieving professional success. 

Yet, public speaking is a top-rated fear worldwide and being in the spotlight can feel like a nightmare. 

You are a skilled expert with a clear sense of purpose, but nerves, lack of confidence or an ineffective message can cost you opportunities. 

I’m here to help. Through a step-by-step process, you will gain the skills, structure and support you need to deliver clear and impactful messages with authentic confidence.

No matter what the situation. 

Wherever you are at, it’s my joy to help you reach your goals and fulfill your potential.

3 steps to speaking with authentic confidence

Authentic confidence is what we feel when we are comfortable in our own skin…

When we can connect with ourselves, our listener and our message, with presence…

When we can communicate with our full expressive range, with power…

And deliver a message that is clear, compelling, and has purpose.


First, I will teach you techniques to help you transform speaking nerves into a genuine connection and cultivate leadership presence.


Then, I will help you to improve the quality of your voice and learn how to persuade, motivate, and inspire your listeners.


Finally, we will ensure you feel clear delivering your core messages and have a preparation plan to feel confident on and off camera.

Work with me

Whether introverted CEO’s or business owners, neurodivergent talent on the rise, or women finding their authentic voice of authority in male dominated environments, my clients share something in common. They are experts in their field with a phenomenal contribution to make. 

Build capacity and nervous system resilience

Having worked in organizations for decades, I know how demanding your role is.

It’s your responsibility to solve complex problems in a high stress and fast paced environment.

You have to constantly adapt to different stakeholders with varying personalities and communication styles.

You need to adjust to new environments, the blend of online and in-person communication, and situations beyond your control.

But it’s difficult it is to lead and influence when you are struggling with stress, overwhelm, and burn out.

Your message comes through you. Your well being and resilience determine your capacity to reach others.

Develop transferable skills to ensure
long term success

Pre-recorded and group programs offer streamlined techniques but they don’t address your specific needs, and they don’t get to the root of your problem. What you need are transferable skills that will build the kind of foundation that creates long term success. 

Adult Learning Principles

Build on your unique speaking strengths and natural competancies. 

Mindfulness Techniques

Use breathing, visualization and mindset techniques to ground and connect. 

Somatic Experiencing (SE™)

Practice a trauma-informed technique to reduce stress and overwhelm.  

Acting-based techniques

Develop skills to help you speak with power and make an impact

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If you are struggling to communicate with confidence across all aspects of your role, here are 6 pro-tips to help you speak with presence, power, and purpose. 

This isn’t a simple checklist. It’s a 9-page e-book designed to help you grasp fundamental concepts and practice key techniques to help you take that next step forward. 

A word from past clients

Hi, I'm Dayna Kneeland,

Having overcome anxiety and panic attacks in my own professional life, helping people speak confidently in all aspects of their role has become my passion.

Originally a stage actor, I have been coaching and teaching for over 25 years.

I hold a Master’s degree in Adult Education and have extensive training in mindfulness and trauma-informed practices. I work in a way that’s tailored to each person’s unique goals and builds on their natural strengths.

Here’s what really makes me tick. I want to live in a world where all voices are heard, especially yours.

Ready to take the next step?