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Helping professionals and entrepreneurs speak confidently so they can grow their career and inspire their listeners.

Make a lasting impact

Effective communication is fundamental to your lifeIt’s how you grow your career, build relationships, and offer your unique contribution to the world.

Yet, public speaking is a top-rated fear worldwide.

Being in the spotlight can feel like a nightmare, but it’s also a doorway to actualizing your goals and dreams.

You are a skilled expert with a clear sense of purpose, but nerves, lack of confidence or an ineffective message can cost you opportunities. 

I’m here to help. Through a step-by-step process, you will gain the skills, structure and support you need to deliver clear and impactful messages with authentic confidence.

No matter what the situation. 

Wherever you are at, it’s my joy to help you share your voice, reach your goals and fulfill your potential. 

3 steps to speaking with authentic confidence

Authentic confidence is what we feel when we are comfortable in our own skin…

When we can connect with ourselves, our listener and our message, with presence…

When we can communicate with our full expressive range, with power…

And deliver a message that is clear, compelling, and has purpose.


First, I will teach you techniques to help you transform speaking nerves into a genuine connection and cultivate leadership presence.


Then, I will help you to understand your vocal instrument and teach you how to expand your range, bring language to life, and speak with intention.


Finally, we will ensure you feel clear delivering your core messages and have a preparation and practice plan to feel confident on and off camera.

Work with me

Hi, I'm Dayna Kneeland,

I'm a trained stage actor who fell in love with teaching.

I've been helping people to feel confident stepping into the spotlight for over 20 years.

I combine cognitive, mindfulness, somatic and acting-based techniques along with adult learning principles to teach practical transferable skills and provide hands-on coaching.

I work in a way that's tailored to each person's unique learning goals and builds on their natural strengths.  

Here's what really makes me tick.

I want to live in a world where all voices are heard, especially yours.

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