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In the fast-paced world of corporate and government, the path to confident communication is filled with obstacles. 

Public speaking is a top-rated fear. 

Pressure to adapt to the hybrid of online and in-person communication is something that we’ve all been struggling with. 

Plus, we face each challenge while coping with stress and burnout.  

When it comes to developing communication skills, each person brings their own personality and goals to the table. 

A “one sized fits all” solution won’t provide tangible and lasting results. 

What’s needed is training that is structured yet personalized and goes beyond “quick fixes” and “tips and tricks”. 

That’s why I’m passionate about training that focuses on individual coaching and supporting nervous system resilience in order to achieve communication excellence. 

If that sounds good to you, the first step is to book a call to share about your goals and see if it’s a fit.

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3 steps to developing your customized
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First, I take time to build a relationship with your organization to learn about your goals and culture and discuss options for training topics and program structure.


Next, I deliver online or in-person training that combine adult learning principles, mindfulness, vocal and acting-based techniques. 


Finally, I provide customized one-on-one coaching sessions that are tailored to individual needs and goals. 

Goals I can support you with

Presentation or pitch

Liasing with stakeholders

Workplace communication

Delivering training

Facilitating Dialogue


Key note or

Leadership & brand storytelling



Empower your team by booking my signature webinar. This training is designed to equip corporate, government, and industry professionals with seven key skills that will help them speak, lead, and present with greater confidence.


This webinar offers fresh perspectives and practical skills to help female-identified individuals who work in male-dominated industries find their authentic voice and feel confident speaking across all areas of their role.

Workshop topics


This workshop will help you feel more comfortable speaking both virtually and in-person. You will learn and practice skills to overcome public speaking nerves, demonstrate effective non-verbal communication, make an authentic connection with your listeners, and cultivate leadership presence. 

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In this workshop you will learn how to speak with greater impact so that you can persuade, inspire, and motivate your listeners. You will learn and practice techniques to improve the quality of your voice, use pauses effectively, think quickly on your feet, and speak with intention.

Individual coaching



First, I will teach you skills to help you transform speaking nerves into a genuine connection and cultivate leadership presence.


Then, you will learn techniques to improve the quality of your voice and persuade, motivate, and inspire your listeners.


Finally, we will ensure you feel clear delivering your core messages and have a preparation plan to feel confident on and off camera.


Let's shape your team's journey to success together!

Get your free "Speak, Lead & Present with Confidence" guide book!

If you are struggling to communicate with confidence across all aspects of your role, here are 6 pro-tips to help you speak with presence, power, and purpose. 

This isn’t a simple checklist. It’s a 9-page e-book designed to help you grasp fundamental concepts and practice key techniques to help you take that next step forward. 

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Coaching FAQ

Coaching sessions are 55-minute Zoom calls. Together we will develop a customized coaching plan. However each of your sessions will be different so that you can focus on immediate priorities as well as long term goals. You will learn and practice hands-on skills, prepare for important speaking events, and get real time feedback to improve both your message and delivery. We will also address any challenges you have navigating workplace communication. You will receive comprehensive workbooks that highlight key concepts. After each session, you will walk away with practical tools you can use to further develop your skills and increase your confidence.

My coaching services can be delivered in any way that is best for your organization. You can book coaching packages for specific individuals or have me available as required for any members of your team. I will provide a booking link for anyone participating so they can set their own schedule. Weekday daytime and early evening appointments are available. I am in Pacific Daylight time and will do my best to accommodate additional time zones.

In addition to public speaking coaching, we can address deeper challenges with public speaking fear or workplace anxiety or stress, through  Somatic Experiencing (SE™) techniques.These techniques release stress, overwhelm, and trauma stored in the body by helping you overcome fight, flight, or freeze patterns and manage stress, increase resilience, and cultivate a greater sense of calm. In a session, I help you to tune into your body’s sensations, facilitating the release of physical tension and emotional distress. Somatic Experiencing (SE™) can be integrated into coaching sessions, or booked as standalone sessions.

It depends. My workshop training programs are highly experiential and I strongly encourage in-person training to maximize learning outcomes. However, if you have a small team and are unable to provide in-person training, I can adjust the content for an online environment. I strongly recommend booking a webinar and individual coaching as an alternative way to support your team’s learning needs if in-person training is not possible.

Yes. As a former college and university instructor, I love to develop new training to will best support learning goals. We can explore the possibility of addressing additional topics through small group consultation calls or in-person workshops.

I accommodate different learning styles and preferences within my training programs by incorporating a variety of instructional methods and formats. Whether you’re a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner, I provide comprehensive learning materials, hands-on activities, and opportunities for discussion and reflection to ensure that everyone can fully engage and absorb the content.

Yes. I have worked with numerous Indigenous organizations in British Columbia. I strive to continuously develop my ability to bring an Indigenous learning lens to my training. My upbringing and community experiences have helped me to develop some familiarity with Indigenous culture and issues that Indigenous communities face as well as a desire to continue to learn, question, and reflect.

Yes. Please reach out and I can share more information.

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