Help your team become confident speakers in all situations

Public speaking is one of people’s greatest fears. Yet, it’s a skill that is vital to the success of your organization.

You want to ensure that your team can confidently express their ideas and represent the goals and values of your organization.

Pressure to adapt to the hybrid of online and in-person communication is something that we’ve all been struggling with.

Plus, each person has unique goals and challenges when it comes to public speaking.

They need to communicate effectively in all aspects of their role, including leadership, building community relationships and delivering both formal and informal speeches and presentations.

A “one sized fits all” solution won’t provide tangible and lasting results. What’s needed is training that is structured yet personalized.

I’m here to help. 

I have been teaching and coaching adults for over 20 years in the educational, non-profit and business sectors and know how difficult it can be to support the diverse needs of your group.

That’s why I’m so passionate about offering customized group training and individual coaching packages to meet the unique needs of your team.

If that sounds good to you, the first step is to book a call to share about your goals and see if it’s a fit.

What is a customized approach?


First, I take time to build a relationship with your organization and learn about your goals, values, and learning culture.  

We will discuss options with regards to workshop topics and program structure including in-person or online group training as well as individual coaching packages.

Then, we will schedule an introductory zoom call so I can get to know the members of your team and learn more about their individual needs and concerns. 

Structured yet personalized

Next, I deliver training that is grounded in adult learning principles and combines cognitive, mindfulness, somatic and acting-based techniques.  

Workshops include presentations, resources and activities and are delivered within a supportive and encouraging learning environment that honors individual comfort zones. 

Learning is further supported through one-on-one coaching sessions that are tailored to each individual and their role.

Training topics

Mind/body Connection & Public speaking

This workshop will help you feel more comfortable speaking both virtually and in-person. First, you will learn what is happening in your nervous system when you experience speaking nerves. Then, you will practice breathing, visualization, and mindset techniques to help you transform nerves into present moment awareness and make an authentic connection with your listeners. Finally, I will teach you mind/body techniques to help you cultivate leadership presence and effective non-verbal communication.

Speak with Impact

In this workshop you will learn how to speak with greater impact so that you can persuade, inspire, and motivate your listeners. First, I will teach you how to warm up your voice, expand your expressive power and range, emphasize key points and use pauses effectively. Then, you will deepen your understanding of communication as a two-way channel and practice techniques to help you to think on your feet. Finally, you will learn acting-based techniques to help you make an effective emotional connection and speak with intention.

Authentic Elevator Pitch

This workshop will teach you how to craft an elevator pitch that can be adapted to various situations and delivered in a way that sparks curiosity and builds connection. First, I’ll help you break down your pitch into basic elements. Then I will help you adjust your message for different settings as well as listeners with different personality styles. Finally, you will have the opportunity to practice sharing your pitch and receive feedback and coaching to refine both your message and delivery.  

Business Storytelling

This workshop will help you use the power of storytelling to captivate and build trust with various audiences and stakeholders. First, we will discuss where and when you might effectively use storytelling within your role and what themes you would like your stories to address. Next, you will learn how to structure a compelling story. You will learn a step-by-step process to narrate the arc of your story and bring it to life in a way through details that are meaningful your listeners. Finally, you will learn techniques to help you share your stories in a way that bring them to life. 

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