Meet your Vancouver Island public speaking coach

One night on stage, in front of 300 people...a single moment changed everything.

I had been cast as a narrator for the first time. Despite years of training, there I was, knees knocking, dripping with sweat, feeling naked without a scene partner. Everything I did felt…disconnected.

Suddenly, I was telling the story of a young man struggling to reconnect with his sweetheart after coming home from war and I looked out into the sea of faces and realized that two-thirds of my audience were of the generation to have lived through war.

It was as if time stood still and a little light came on that we could all see. In an instant, I realized that I was a vehicle. It was humbling in a way I’d never forget. From then on, I knew my passion was to teach, but not actors in character…

I wanted to help people feel confident and connected stepping into the spotlight in their everyday lives.

I became obsessed with community engaged theatre and helped people living with multiple barriers to overcome stage fright and share powerful messages with their community. 

I saw shy, withdrawn body language blossom into, “can’t take my eyes off you”, presence. 

I heard soft, muffled voices reach the back row with intention and power. 

My heart cracked open listening to people speak and tell stories with purpose and impact.  


Voice and Acting

I learned from my students that what we were really doing was public speaking training.

I began teaching acting in adult literacy environments. 

I heard voices improve in pace, quality and tone

I saw people discover how to think on their feet and adjust to the needs of their audience.

I witnessed insecurities fade as compelling performers commanded the room. As a teacher I was continuously told…

"It helped me overcome my fear of speaking in front of people. I feel more confident at school, at work...everywhere."

A friend nudged me towards starting my business. 

We were sitting in my livingroom, high on chai lattes, with flip chart paper everywhere. 

They were helping me hash out my next project…the work I would do off the side of my desk while I paid my bills in less fulfilling roles. 

"You have been teaching, speaking, and storytelling for over 20 years...get over your fear and start a business so you can have a bigger impact."

The moment they said it, I knew it was true. So I wove my education and experience together into a signature body of work

I combine informative content with acting techniques to help clients to improve their speaking voice and deliver with emotional impact as well as mindfulness techniques to help people learn how to regulate their nervous system. 

Through customized programming that addresses the unique learning style of each client, I help individuals, businesses and organizations to speak, teach, present, and lead with impact within their communities. 

It’s my joy to help you achieve success, fulfill your purpose, and share your voice with the world. 

Dayna holds her Masters degree in Adult Education, BC Instructors diploma, BFA in Theatre and Development and a professional training certification from TooBa Physical Theatre Centre. She is a Oneness Meditation Trainer with over 400 hours of training in mindfulness techniques. 

Working with me means...

Gaining a combination of cognitive, acting, mindfulness and somatic techniques that you can transfer to all areas of your life. 

We take a customized approach that addresses your unique learning needs and goals and builds on your natural strengths, personality, and passion.

Learning that takes place in a supportive environment that honours both your comfort zone as well as your desire to take new risks.

Ready to take the next step?