Propel your career forward through confident communication

You are an expert in your field with an important contribution to make. 

But if you don’t feel confident when public speaking, it can cost you advancements and opportunities.

If nerves, insecurities, or lack of clarity are holding you back from reaching your goals and achieving your dreams, I want you to know something.

No-one is born an expert speaker. Even renowned speakers and leaders get help and guidance.

With the right skills, support, and structure you can captivate your listeners and make a lasting impact. 

But the key to success is a customized program. 

If you want a coaching experience that draws out your natural strengths and addresses your specific goals, the next step is to book a call to see if it’s the right fit for you. 

Let's chat about your
specific goals

3 steps to speaking with authentic confidence

Presence. Power. Purpose.

Step 1 - Cultivate PRESENCE

Presence is how you show up when speaking, presenting, and leading. It’s about making a good impression and coming across the way you intend to. 

  • Learn mindfulness and mindset techniques to overcome nerves and connect with your listeners
  • Discover how to use eye contact, gestures, and body language to improve your non-verbal communication skills 
  • Receive coaching and feedback to help you exude leadership presence

Step 2 - Develop A powerful voice

Power is about your delivery skills. It’s about making the impact you want and adjusting your delivery to suit each situation.

  • Improve the quality of your voice including your pace, pitch, rhythm, and ability to effectively pause
  • Learn vocal and acting-based techniques to engage, persuade, and motivate your audience
  • Gain practical skills to help you adapt and think quickly on your feet


Purpose is all about ensuring that you have a clear and compelling message that is aligned with your intention.

  • Get support to structure your message so that it captivates your listeners and inspires them to take action
  • Develop a clear preparation plan so you can effectively deliver your messages in-person and online
  • Receive tailored support to feel confident within workplace communication as well as formal speaking roles

Messages I can support you with

Presentation or pitch

Workshops or

Leadership & brand storytelling

Key note or



Workplace communication


One night on stage, in front of 300 people...a single moment changed everything!

My first career was as a stage actor. I had been cast as a narrator for the first time. Despite years of training, I was doing a horrible job. I felt naked without a scene partner. 

Rehearsals were a nightmare. My director was frustrated and I was embarrassed beyond belief. I got so anxious I became addicted to sleeping pills. 

Opening night came and I sat backstage feeling like I was going to throw up. The show started. I walked on stage and stood under the hot lights with my knees knocking while dripping with sweat. 

I felt like I was just going through the motions. Everything I did felt…disconnected. 

And then this moment happened.

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Suddenly, I was telling the story of a young man struggling to reconnect with his sweetheart after coming home from war. I looked out into the sea of faces and realized that two-thirds of my audience were of the generation to have lived through war.

It was as if time stood still and a little light came on that we could all see. I felt present in a way I had never experienced in my life. 

In an instant, I realized it had nothing to do with me. My message was for them. This was their story. I was simply a vehicle. 

It was humbling in a way I’d never forget. 

From that point on, I knew I wanted to help people share their voices with confidence in their everyday lives. 

That moment sparked an insatiable curiosity within me.

I wanted to understand what happened. What magic wand had transformed my nerves into feeling present, powerful, and connected to a sense of purpose?

Over the years I realized there had been no magic wand.

I felt anxious that night because, for the first time as a performer, I had no character to hide behind. It was just me, alone in front of a large audience. 

But I had developed skills. I had done the preparation. I had put in the practice. 

Once I remembered that it wasn’t about me, I was able to focus and connect to my intention.  

The real magic occurs when we can show up as ourselves with a genuine desire to help others and simply be present. 

Training that builds on your natural strengths


During this 45-minute session I will guide you through a fun and supportive self-assessment process to help you get crystal clear about what is going well and where there is room for further improvement as a speaker. I will share tips and ideas to help you move forward. You will leave with a visual takeaway that clarifies your next steps!

Your investment – $150 CAD.,


Are you feeling stessed or overwhelmed about an important upcoming speaking event? This 90-minute intensive will help you prepare when you are in a time crunch and want to level up your public speaking skills and refine your message before an important presentation, pitch, panel discussion, workshop or meeting. 

Your investment – $315 CAD


Are you ready to gain the skills and support you need to create long-term success? 

Personalized coaching packages are designed to help you overcome fear, speak with impact, refine your messages and gain support navigating workplace communication challenges. We will ensure you achieve each of your personal and professional goals.

Get your free "Speak, Lead & Present with Confidence" guide book!

If you are struggling to communicate with confidence across all aspects of your role, here are 6 pro-tips to help you speak with presence, power, and purpose. 

This isn’t a simple checklist. It’s a 9-page e-book designed to help you grasp fundamental concepts and practice key techniques to help you take that next step forward. 

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Coaching FAQ

Many of my clients use professional development funds for coaching. I would be happy to provide you with a program outline that you can share with your organization to explore your options.

Coaching sessions are 55-minute Zoom calls. Together we will develop a customized coaching plan. However, each of your sessions will be different so that you can focus on immediate priorities as well as long term goals. You will learn and practice hands-on skills, prepare for important speaking events, and get real time feedback to improve both your message and delivery. We will also address any challenges you have navigating workplace communication. You will receive comprehensive workbooks that highlight key concepts. After each session, you will walk away with practical tools you can use to further develop your skills and increase your confidence.

If you would like to address deeper challenges with public speaking fear or workplace anxiety or stress, we can bring Somatic Experiencing (SE™) techniques into part or all of a session. These techniques release stress and trauma stored in the body. This work is supportive in helping you overcome fight, flight, or freeze patterns and fostering integration and resilience. In a session, I help you to tune into your body’s sensations, facilitating the release of physical tension and emotional distress.

No. While I encourage you to create a regular coaching schedule to stay focused, you can set times that best fit your schedule and needs. 

The pace of your improvement is determined by your goals, dedication, and the level of support you require. Clients will typically work with me for 6-16 sessions. Some clients choose to continue to receive Somatic Experiencing (SE™) long term.

While I can’t support you with content that is specific to your industry, I can definitely help you refine your message. I can help you structure a clear and compelling message, craft effective opening and closing statements, captivate your listeners, increase engagement, and prepare for Q&A sessions. As a former post secondary educator with a Masters degree in Adult Education, I can help you improve your presentations (including slide decks), speeches, workshops, and pitches. I would love to help you craft and deliver the stories that will take your speaking, leadership, and presentation skills to the next level.

Although I don’t specialize in teaching English or dialect support, I provide public speaking coaching to both native and non-native English speakers. I can help you improve the quality of your voice and ensure that you are delivering your message in a clear and impactful way.

Yes. I have an extensive background working with neurodivergent learners within educational, nonprofit, and business sectors. We can address potential challenges you may be facing including maintaining focus during meetings and presentations, navigating social cues, managing sensory overload in high-pressure situations, and organizing your thoughts coherently. My passion is to support you to build on your unique strengths while implementing practical techniques and strategies to improve areas of challenge.

Yes. While I’m not a licensed psychologist and unable to diagnose or provide counseling, I can help you address the roots of your public speaking and workplace anxiety through meaningful discussions, practical strategies, and guided Somatic Experiencing (SE™) sessions. In the event that your needs are beyond the scope of my training, some clients choose to work with me while also working with a qualified therapist. I am happy to provide referrals.

Ready to conquer your public speaking fear?

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