Public Speaking Coaching

Online or Vancouver Island-based coaching for professionals & entrepreneurs

Are public speaking nerves holding you back from reaching your goals?

Do you want to be able to speak and lead with more power or greater sensitivity?

Ready to shine but need help to organize and clarify your key messages?

Speak, teach, present & lead with authentic confidence

Harness the power of storytelling to speak, network, teach and present

Activate your natural presence and gravitas

Speak with greater power and purpose

Ensure that all voices are being heard including your own

Clarify your key messages

Feel confident about your personal voice and speaking strengths

Customized Public Speaking Coaching

Speak with power and presence

  • Transform nerves into authentic connection
  • Harness the full power of your voice
  • Speak with both power and sensitivity
  • Deliver your content with ease without memorizing
  • Effectively utilize techniques for creating leadership presence
  • Learn best practices for video communication

Create a clear and focused message

  • Prepare for an upcoming presentation
  • Craft an authentic elevator pitch
  • Plan and organize lessons and workshops
  • Create signature stories to reach the hearts of your listeners
  • Outline and prepare for a key speech
  • Refine an upcoming personal or professional message

What others say...

“Her techniques were simple to learn and extremely effective.”

While stressing and preparing for a workshop, I had a phone consultation with Dayna. Her positive energy and supportive attitude went a long way to calming me down. Then, as we talked through my concerns, she provided a clear framework to help me envision the content of the workshop, clarify effective ways of presenting myself, and how to simplify and increase the impact of my message. Immediately after speaking I was able to draft out the framework for my workshop in a way that had eluded me before. With this framework, the rest of the preparation fell into place and my decisions about what to include or leave out became much easier. The workshop was very well received, and I also felt confident going into it because of this pre-work. I would definitely work with Dayna again to get similar clarity.

Dr. Kamilla Milligan

Manager, Equity and Diversity, University of Victoria

Dayna tailors each exercise to address my particular goals, offers focused questions, listens deeply to my responses, and uses simple and effective techniques to help me access my authentic enthusiasm and joy and then bring that passion into my professional communication, so I can be more convincing and effective. I'd definitely recommend coaching sessions with Dayna to any professionals looking to increase their effectiveness as communicators, and to make public speaking into a joyful experience

Beth Hollingsworth

Instructor, Master Trainer

Dayna has helped me tremendously with finding the right wording for my website. She has amazing ways to help bring out clarity of what the essence of my work is and how to express it so others understand too. This is something I have struggled with for many years. I can highly recommend Dayna’s work which is skillful, professional, and heartfelt at the same time. Thank you Dayna!

Claudia Tressel

Holistic Practitioner

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