Become a magnetic speaker & leader

Your expertise, passion, and message are unique gifts that only you can share. 

But if you don’t feel confident public speaking, it can cost you advancements and opportunities.

If nerves, insecurities, or lack of clarity are holding you back from reaching your goals and achieving your dreams, I want you to know something.

No-one is born an expert speaker. Even renowned speakers and leaders get help and guidance.

With the right skills, support and structure you can captivate your listeners and make a lasting impact. 

But the key to success is a customized program. 

If you want a coaching experience that draws out your natural strengths and addresses your specific goals, the next step is to book a call to see if it’s the right fit for you. 

Here's what we will do together....

3 steps to speaking with authentic confidence

Presence. Power. Purpose.

Step 1 - Cultivate presence

First, I will help you go through a process to help identify any connections you are having between your speaking challenges and your learning and processing style

Next, I will help you to understand the experience of speaking nerves and the impact it can have on your nervous system and thoughts. 

Then, you will learn breathing, visualization & grounding techniques so you can transform speaking nerves into genuine connection as well as harness leadership presence. 

I will also teach you a daily practice to help you remember and anchor the techniques that are most supportive in your process. 

If you would like to go deeper into your speaking challenges, I can assist you through guided somatic techniques that will help you learn how to further relax and effectively manage your nervous system. 

We will go through a process to identify and shift thoughts so you can harness the mindset of a confident speaker

Finally, I will teach you effective non-verbal communication skills including eye contact, hand gestures, and body language and make sure you feel confident using them both in-person and on camera.

Step 2 - Develop a powerful voice

Next, I will teach you how to expand your vocal range so you can speak with authenticity, nuance, and power.

Together, we will address challenges you are experiencing with your speaking pace, volume, pitch, and rhythm.

You will learn a vocal warm-up that will help you prepare for speaking events, ground nervous energy, and improve the quality of your voice.

Then, I will teach you acting-based techniques to help you speak with greater intention and impact.

You will learn how to prepare for and attune to the needs of your listeners.

I will teach you how to make an effective emotional connection and bring language to life so that you can effectively persuade and motivate.

You will also learn skills to help you think more quickly on your feet and adjust to the unexpected.

Finally, I will provide direct speaking coaching to help you integrate both verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Step 3 - Craft a message with a clear purpose

Finally, we will ensure that you understand how to structure your messages so that they capture the immediate attention of your listener and help inspire them to take action.

We will tailor the program to make sure you feel confident within everyday workplace communication as well as formal speaking roles.

Finally we will ensure that you have a clear preparation plan to effectively deliver your messages both on and off camera.

Here are some potential messages we can prepare together. 


  • Presentation
  • Key note or speech
  • Meeting preparation
  • Workplace communication
  • Personal/company storytelling
  • Workshops and training plans


  • Video content (lives, webinars)
  • Key note or speech
  • Bio or niche statement
  • Elevator pitch
  • Business Origin story
  • Workshops and training plans

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