Captivate and demonstrate crediblity through the power of storytelling

We all know that facts tell, stories sell. 

Not only is storytelling a scientifically proven strategy to make an impactful impression and motivate people, it’s the human touch.

This is because stories build connection through empathy, not just pain points, and help people come to their own conclusions as to how you can help them.

Imagine having a story on your website that’s so compelling, your ideal client or customer feel like they already know and trust you. 

Or, speaking, networking, or closing a sale knowing exactly what story to tell to motivate your listeners to take action. 

You can do all of that, plus more, through the power of storytelling. 

But you don’t want to just tell any old story. And you certainly don’t want to start rambling and lose people’s attention as you tell your stories. You need to know WHAT story to tell WHEN and HOW to tell it.

But maybe you aren’t sure if you even have a story to tell or worry that it will be too boring, vulnerable, or confusing. Or, you have too many ideas to get started!

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

With the correct skills, support and storytelling strategy you can learn exactly how to tell the right story at the right time and deliver it in a way that leaves a lasting impression. 

Or, if you don’t have time to craft your business stories, I can write them for you!

If that sounds like a good fit, the first step is to book a call so we can talk more about how you can bring the power of storytelling into your business. 

Here's what we will do together....

3 steps to becoming a "story-inspired" business

Discover. Develop. Deliver.

Step 1 - Discover your unique story

First, I will teach you about the science of storytelling to help you understand why storytelling is such a powerful way build trust and connection with your ideal clients or customers. 

Then, you will gain skills & support to harness a storytelling mindset, overcome blocks, and recognize how to tell stories that are personal yet professional.

Next, I will help you to establish a storytelling strategy. I will teach you 5 core business stories that will set you apart and we will discuss where you might bring them into your marketing, networking, and selling. 

Typically the first story that entreprenuers choose to focus on is their Origin Story, a story that highlights the problem you found that you now help solve and the journey of how your business has come to be. 

Step 2 - Develop your story

Next, I will teach you how to craft, edit and adapt stories that are uniquely branded for your business. 

Together, we will work together to draw out your story themes, the key points that you want your stories to make. 

Typically, the first story I will help you craft is your Origin storyYou will receive step-by-step templates, video lessons, coaching guidance, and remote editing support.

Next, I will help you adapt 3 different versions of your Origin Story, one for your website, one for a speaking event, and a mini version to use networking and selling.

Finally, I will continue to support you to craft and adapt additional stories you want to bring into your marketing, networking, and selling.

Step 3 - Deliver with impact

First, I will help you to create social media content using your stories. 

I will help you clarify your content pillars, the main concepts you will be known for and determine how, where, and when you can bring your stories into your content strategy. 

Then, I will teach you how to expand your vocal range, bring your stories to life, and speak with ease, authenticity, and intention.

Finally, we will develop a preparation and practice plan that involves goal setting, hands-on coaching and video feedback to ensure you feel confident on camera. 

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