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We offer theatre-based, experiential, and dialogue focused learning programs in your school or organization to enhance communication, critical thinking, and personal and social awareness learning and support the development of full-potential communication leaders.  

We work collaboratively with you to customize learner-centred programming to meet your community’s needs. 

Why Theatre?

Create Connection

Theatre is a social art form that requires collaboration and problem solving for a successful group outcome. It fosters a culture of trust, builds strong bonds, and develops a sense of community in a short period of time.

Engage and Motivate

Theatre is fun and dynamic. It can evoke laughter and a sense of play and shift the energy in a room. Theatre is a multi-modality art form that engages cognitive, visual, and kinaesthetic learners and provide an opportunity to see, hear, think, express and feel.


Theatre supports the development of communication skills including speaking, non-verbal communication, and active listening. It strengthens our capacity to engage in a two-way communication flow and effectively send and receive messages.

Social Awareness

Theatre can help us raise awareness about social issues, lived experience, and community transformation. It can be a catalyst for exploring sensitive topics and provide a forum for diverse perspectives and voices that may not be frequently represented within their community.

Foster Confidence

Theatre provides opportunity for diverse strengths to shine while learning and mastering new skills including how to ground and transform nerves, speak with power and range, and deliver a message with greater ease and impact.

Break Down Barriers

Through fun and interactive games, exercises, and technique development, students connect outside of their regular peer groups and break down barriers through laughter, physical connection, shared understanding of human experience and feelings.

Personal Awareness

Theatre invites us to explore human emotion, behaviour, and relationships and try out new ways of interacting within a structured creative environment. It helps us develop skills such as identifying feelings, empathy, and recognizing how our behaviour impacts others.

Literacy Learning

Theatre provides opportunities to develop reading comprehension and writing skills within historical and social contexts. It strengthens our understanding of expressive vocabulary and action verbs and supports our capacity to bring language to life through tone, inflection, and intent.

Dayna's Specialized Skills

Dayna is a theatre-based learning practitioner with over 20 years experience facilitating arts-based curriculum, projects, performances and professional development within educational and community environments. She has collaborated with local groups and individuals, encouraging the use of theatre-based activities to co- develop community driven arts-based programs, projects, or performances that achieve goals such as facilitating learning, raising awareness, fostering confidence, strengthening community and enhancing quality of life. Social issues that Dayna has explored in collaboration with organizations have included living with a disability, mental health awareness, inclusion and diversity, overcoming settlement challenges, overcoming literacy barriers, living with HIV/AIDS, social justice rights and responsibilities, and overcoming addiction.

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We work collaboratively with you to customize the best programming to meet your community's needs

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