Youth Communication Coaching

Helping youth on the Autistic Spectrum connect & communicate with confidence.

Would becoming a more confident communicator help you reach your goals?

Do you want to get better at reading non-verbal cues and getting your message across? 

Would you like to feel more relaxed giving school presentations and joining social activities?

Develop your public speaking, communication & social skills by learning how to act

Customized one-on-one coaching for youth with diverse abilities
online & in the Comox Valley, Vancouver Island, BC.

Learn how to…

Transform nerves

Relate to your audience

Interpret non-verbal cues

Say what you mean to say

Classmates talking to each other


Breathing & visualization techniques

Learning through role play

Character development

Monologue & scene study

Hi, I'm Dayna Kneeland,

Growing up living and learing with diverse abilities, I knew from a young age that a the strength of a community depended on whether all voices are being heard. I have supported and taught in the Community Living Sector for over 25 years with individuals of all ages within community, residential and educational settings including Okanagan College and Capilano University. My personal and professional values are rooted in listening deeply across difference, fostering inclusion and celebrating diverse ways of learning, knowing, and contributing your voice within your community. 

What others say?

Working with Dayna helped me to bring myself into the present moment and speak with intent. It's great to learn for presenting, performing and for living in the real world.

Farley Misfud


I learned a lot about how to hold myself while talking to people or giving a speech. I also discovered how to draw in my audience. The techniques and chance to practice were really helpful. Dayna helped me discover my strengths and now I feel more self-confident.



The activities Dayna provided brought out the natural talents of students, along with a needed, structured outlet for expression. Dayna comes prepared, is passionate and knowledgeable, and engages meaningfully with participants.



Why use acting techniques

Build Connection

Theatre is a social art form that requires collaboration and group problem solving for a successful outcome. It fosters a culture of trust, help create bonds, and provides meaningful opportunities to connect.

Engage & Motivate

Acting is fun and dynamic. It can evoke laughter and a sense of play and shift the energy in a room. Theatre is a multi-modality art form that engages cognitive, visual, and kinaesthetic learners and provide an opportunity to see, hear, think, express and feel.


Acting supports the development of communication skills including speaking, non-verbal communication, and active listening. It strengthens our capacity to engage in a two-way communication flow and effectively send and receive messages.

Foster Confidence

Acting provides opportunity for diverse strengths to shine while learning and mastering new skills including how to ground and transform nerves, and speak with clarity, variance, and intention.

Awareness of Self & Others

Acting invites us to explore human emotion, behaviour, and relationships and try out new ways of interacting within a structured creative environment. It helps us develop skills such as identifying feelings, empathy, and recognizing how our behaviour impacts others.

Literacy Learning

Acting provides opportunities to develop reading comprehension and writing skills within historical and social contexts. It strengthens our understanding of expressive vocabulary and action verbs and our ability to bring language to life through tone, inflection, and intent.

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