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Building connections and actualizing human potential

Teams and Organizations Dayna Kneeland

We combine information-rich content with experiential and theatre-based activities to enhance learning and social relations within an engaging, positive, and supportive learning environment. 

Discover the power of theatre-based techniques to strengthen communication and teamwork skills, enhance well-rounded and fully actualized human potential, and foster a culture of inclusion and celebration of diversity. 

We work collaboratively with you to customize learner-centred programming to meet your community’s needs. 

Help your team, group, or organization to…

Teams and Organizations Dayna Kneeland

Become Better Communicators

Feel comfortable being in front of a crowd

Effectively connect, reassure, impact, and persuade

Strengthen active listening and concentration skills 

Interpret and respond to non-verbal communication cues

Speak with greater confidence in a wide variety of environments

Feel Connected as a Team

Build a sense of community and belonging

Explore creativity as a foundation to inclusion

Learn to be flexible and adaptive through improvisation exercises

Recognize and celebrate diverse styles, perspectives, and strengths

Learn techniques to feel comfortable to role-play challenges and solutions

Teams and Organizations Dayna Kneeland

What others say...

“Recently, Dayna Kneeland facilitated a public speaking workshop for new entrepreneurs. I was very impressed with her facilitation skills. She was very well prepared and created an inclusive environment where in participants felt encouraged and supported. She was able to accurately read the energy of the group and gently guide us on a path of self discovery. All of the clients felt they had come to a new understanding of how to express what they do in a meaningful and engaging way. I will definitely be looking to Dayna to facilitate more classes."
Helen Furgale
Owner, Bizworks Business Training and Support

Why theatre-based techniques?

Community Building

Theatre fosters a culture of trust, builds strong bonds, and develops a sense of community in a short period of time. Through fun and interactive activities participants connect outside of regular social connections and break down barriers through laughter and shared understanding of human experience.


Theatre invites us to explore human emotion, behaviour, and relationships and try out new ways of interacting within a structured creative environment. It helps us increase personal awareness by developing skills such as active listening, empathy, and the ability to recognize how our behaviour impacts others.

Inclusion and Diversity

Theatre activities can provide a safe, structured container for exploring diverse perspectives and sensitive topics. It opens possibilities for reflection, dialogue and utilizing creativity as a foundation to fostering inclusion.


Impactful speakers draw on many of the same skills as professional actors such as vocal expressiveness, audience connection, ability to improvise and adapt, an understanding of persuasion, and the ability to use nonverbal communication to convey one’s message.

Thinking Skills

Theatre is a social art form that requires collaboration and problem solving for a successful group outcome. It helps to develop improvisation skills so we can think on our feet, think outside the box, and adapt quickly to different situations. It also engages our capacity to plan, practice, and modify actions and behaviour.


Theatre is playful and dynamic. It can evoke laughter and shift the energy in a room. It engages cognitive, visual, and psycho-motor learning which helps groups to access and recognize different personality styles and strengths.

Soft skills are foundational to business success and positive organizational culture.

We bring over 20 years of group facilitation experience.

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We work collaboratively with you to customize the best programming to meet your community's needs