Public Speaking & Networking

Life invites us to contribute. Feel prepared to accept the offer.

Transform The Way You Experience Public Speaking And Networking.​

Develop your natural presence. 

Transform nerves into focused engagement.

Connect authentically with your listeners.

Deliver your message with impact, clarity, and confidence.

I offer a variety of program options to support your specific goals and needs.

Be yourself. Speak with ease. Share your gifts.

One-on-one coaching

Is one-on-one your preferred learning option or a comfortable first step?

Are there specific issues you would like undivided attention put towards?

Do you have a presentation, speaking, or networking event coming up and need to get focused fast?

Is location a hinderance to in-person training?

I offer online or in person customized coaching sessions that address your specific communication or public speaking goals.

Online Coaching


Online sessions are offered through Skype or Zoom. In person sessions can be arranged at your office or in a central Courtenay office space. Sessions length is tailored to fit your needs with packaged deals available

Public Speaking & Networking


The Message with Impact program is a series of workshops to help you structure and deliver your message so you can speak with clarity, impact, and power in all environments. The program is offered in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

What others say...

"I gained so much from Dayna's workshop on "Speak with Power & Presence". It was full of great information, but more importantly she gave us space to be able to put what we were learning into practice. I was stretched outside of my comfort zone but in such a gentle way that it didn't seem hard at all! Dayna is an excellent coach. I so appreciated her 1-1 instruction and support during each activity we did. What I loved the most though, was that I left the workshop feeling super confident and proud of myself! I would recommend working with Dayna to everyone, whether you want to speak better or just find your voice. It was a powerful experience. "
Health Coach & Motivational Speaker
"While stressing and preparing for a workshop, I had a phone consultation with Dayna. Her positive energy and supportive attitude went a long way to calming me down. Then, as we talked through my concerns, she provided a clear framework to help me envision the content of the workshop, clarify effective ways of presenting myself, and how to simplify and increase the impact of my message. Immediately after speaking I was able to draft out the framework for my workshop in a way that had eluded me before. With this framework, the rest of the preparation fell into place and my decisions about what to include or leave out became much easier. The workshop was very well received, and I also felt confident going into it because of this pre-work. I would definitely work with Dayna again to get similar clarity."
Manager, Equity and Diversity, University of Victoria
"Dayna's speaking workshops were so well done! It helped me gain a lot of clarity around my purpose and what makes me unique as a business and made talking about it exciting. Learned a pile of good tips and changed the way I pitch my biz. Highly recommend."
Patty Rooney
Owner, A Step Beyond Painting
"Dayna tailors each exercise to address my particular goals, offers focused questions, listens deeply to my responses, and uses simple and effective techniques to help me access my authentic enthusiasm and joy and then bring that passion into my professional communication, so I can be more convincing and effective. I'd definitely recommend coaching sessions with Dayna to any professionals looking to increase their effectiveness as communicators, and to make public speaking into a joyful experience"
Beth Hollingsworth
Instructor, Master Trainer
"Working with Dayna has given me the opportunity to dive into what’s been holding me back from clear, confident communication. Dayna’s workshop helped me to move past my hangups and walk away feeling more confident. I appreciated how clear she made things by breaking down what I want to communicate into bite sized chunks to allow for one synchronized clear message. I would definitely recommend working with her directly or trying a workshop to anyone who would like to build their confidence in communicating!"
Holistic Health Practicioner/ Retired Freestyle Snowboarding Athlete
"Dayna has helped me tremendously with finding the right wording for my website. She has amazing ways to help bring out clarity of what the essence of my work is and how to express it so others understand too. This is something I have struggled with for many years. I can highly recommend Dayna’s work which is skillful, professional, and heartfelt at the same time. Thank you Dayna!"
Holistic Practitioner
"I attended Dayna's Public Speaking Workshop and felt it was a creative and wonderful blend of taking theatre techniques and applying them to the working person. I learned a lot about how to hold myself while talking to people or giving a speech as well as how to draw in my audience. The techniques and opportunities to practice combined with Dayna's encouragement and support left me leaving her workshop with a larger toolbox and a deeper sense of self-confidence. I highly recommend Dayna for anyone looking to gain more confidence in themselves while speaking in public, even if it's just to a small group."
Megin mountain peake
Nature Preschool Teacher


Most frequent questions and answers

I meet you exactly where you are at. The Foundations program will support both new and seasoned speakers to make an even deeper and authentic connection with yourself, your content, and your listeners. If you need to further develop specific message content, the Message with Impact workshops provide that laser focus. Our one-on-one coaching allows you that individualized focus when you need it. Please reach out to book your complimentary 20-minute consultation to talk to me directly about which option is the best fit for you.

Yes. Public speaking is a top-rated fear for adults. If you have fear about public speaking, you are not alone. I am passionate about fostering a supportive, encouraging, motivated learning environment so you can find your own personal balance between taking new risks and honoring your comfort zone. Many participants are surprised at how much fun they have while making such profound breakthroughs.

My authentic approach offers layers of learning to deepen, focus, and refine your skills and awareness. Just as seasoned athletes or accomplished artists never stop training, our programs are designed to continually take you to the next stage of discovery and growth. When you feel called to shift your focus to a specific message, we have an offering to help you zero in.

All our workshops are offered in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. We also provide in-house training packages.

Toastmasters is a templated program. My programs offer alternative or complimentary training that includes one to one coaching, in-depth, customized, multiple, and tiered training options. I bring twenty years of instruction along with professional training in stage acting to offer a unique authentic training approach that draws upon my understanding of adult learning principles and specialization using theatre-based learning techniques.

Yes. This approach helps you develop skills, knowledge, and awareness that are transferable to all areas of your life. We are social creatures. The quality of our lives is based on the quality of our relationships. How we communicate is core to how we learn, connect, contribute, and achieve our goals. When you can find ease and comfort to share your voice, you can offer others the beautiful gift of yourself.

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Public Speaking, Communication & Presentation Training

Be yourself. Speak with ease. Share your gifts