Nov 15 2019


9:00 am - 12:00 pm


$85 (series package deals available)

Speak, Teach & Present through Storytelling

Storytelling has become a top speaking and marketing tool. Whether networking, presenting or delivering a speech, stories are foundational if you want your message to inspire, engage and be memorable.

Why is it such a powerful form of communication? Did you know that hearing a story engages the parts of our brain that activate when we actually experience something?

In this workshop, you will learn the specific elements needed to craft interesting and impactful stories and start building a personal collection to illustrate your key messages. You will practice storytelling techniques used by theatre professionals to capture the attention and win the hearts of their audience. Come discover the power of story to reignite your motivation, passion, and vision.

This workshop is offered as part of a workshop series
Investment options:
$ 85 (1 workshop)
$ 160 (2 workshops)
$ 225 (3 workshops)
$ 280 (full series)
Payment options: cash, cheque, e-transfer to OR

October 25th
Authentic Elevator Pitch – 9am – 12pm
Speak with Power & Presence Level 1 – 1pm – 4pm

November 15th
Speak, Teach & Present through Storytelling – 9am – 12pm
Speak with Power & Presence Level 2 – 1pm – 4pm

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