Dayna Kneeland Coaching

We offer public speaking and communication training to help people find their voice and share their message.

An authentic approach to personal and professional development that combines information-packed content with mindfulness
and theatre-based techniques


Communication is at the heart of how we connect, inspire, learn, and offer our unique contribution to our community. It is fundamental to our work, relationships. and sense of purpose. Life invites us to expand to our fullest potential and connect meaningfully with others through our voice. To do this we must feel at ease both listening and speaking in a wide variety of environments, including being in the spotlight. 

Yet speaking publicly is a top rated fear. Therefore it is a skill set we shy away from developing. If we want to run a marathon, we train, practice, and build the strength we need to succeed. Speaking with ease, confidence, and clarity are skills we can learn, refine and master. 

For me personally, supporting others to free their voice and share their message is about empowerment. It’s about all voices being heard. It’s about quality of life. It’s about personal fulfillment and social change.

Dayna Kneeland


An Approach that Lets You Shine

Why an Authentic Approach

We are authentic when we feel comfortable in our own skin. To communicate effectively we need to channel that relaxation into a focused presence in which we can express, listen, respond, adapt, and really connect with our content, ourselves, and our listeners. We teach practical skills to help you feel at ease to be yourself and have the focus to share your message with confidence.

Theatre-based Techniques

Actors need to be versatile, adaptable, engaging communicators who can command stage presence, connect with their audience, and bring language to life. Whether your goal is professional, personal, or performance development, our theatre-based techniques offer a systematic, dynamic, and effective training approach to support your capacity to impact and engage.

What others say...

“Her techniques were simple to learn and extremely effective.”
"Dayna brought so much experience to the table with incredible warmth and understanding. I had no idea theatre could be such a great tool to help me with public speaking. Her techniques were simple to learn and extremely effective when I applied them in conversations with my customers and suppliers. Dayna's workshop really helped me come out of my shell."
Owner, Comox Valley Mushrooms


Presence. Power. Purpose.

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